Serious game on advertising literacy

Promotors: Verolien Cauberghe , Liselot Hudders , Katarina Panic , P. De Pelsmacker; T. Schellens; M. Valcke
Duration: from 01/09/2014 to 01/05/2016


This science communication project focuses on advertising literacy among adolescents. It is estimated that adolescents are exposed to 25.000 advertising messages each year (De Pelsmacker, Geuens & Van den Berg, 2010). These advertising messages can be useful and informative if young people have the capacity to asses them critically. In order to do this youngsters need to be aware of the advertising strategies that are being used. However, research has shown that the advertising literacy of most young people is low when it comes to the new advertising formats, such as advergames, product placement and viral campaigns. These new forms of advertising are often integrated in the media content and are highly interactive and thus it becomes much harder for young people to recognize them as such. Due to their low level of advertising literacy young people become vulnerable to the potential negative effects of the persuasive intent of advertisements (increasing materialism, dissatisfaction, …). In order to counteract these possible negative effects this project seeks to inform youngsters on advertising literacy by means of a serious game.

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