PARACOM- Sustainable use of acaricides in beef cattle: multi-disciplinary research into the effectiveness of communication strategies to stimulate the adoption of novel diagnostics tools

Researcher(s): Carla Mingolla
Promotors: Verolien Cauberghe , Liselot Hudders
Duration: from 03/10/2016 to 04/10/2020


ange, caused by the parasitic mites Psoroptes ovis and Chorioptes Bovis, causes important economic losses in Belgian Blue cattle. Infected cattle can be treated by anthelmintics (topical acaricides or macrocyclic lactones). However, farmers often apply an incorrect treatment, which leads to recidivisme and resistance of the parasitic mites. The use of a diagnostic tool and a more targeted advice on the right usage of anthelmintics, could prevent the emerging resistance. The adoption of such diagnostic tools, and an effective communication strategie to optimize the adoption of such diagnostic tools is latent. Therefore, the aim of this research is to investigate the factors that could influence the adoption of diagnostic tools, which in turn leads to the development of an improved and efficiënt communication strategie and improved advice. 

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