Media Multitasking and Advertising Effectiveness

Researcher(s): Emma Beuckels
Promotors: Verolien Cauberghe , Liselot Hudders
Duration: from 01/01/2016 to 01/01/2020


Technological innovation has led to the emergence of various new types of media formats and devices, which increases the opportunities for media exposure. In response to these changes, a large proportion of media viewers have the tendency to consume more than one medium at the same time, using a single or multiple media device(s), also called screens: a phenomenon referred to as media multitasking (Yeykelis, Cummings & Reeves 2014). The significant change in media consumption habits signified by media multitasking behaviour, combined with the important matter that audiences regularly multitask while being exposed to advertising (Pilotta et al. 2005; Deloitte 2015; MediaTijd, 2014) urges for the need to obtain insight in the way advertisements are processed, to investigate how media multitasking affects responses to advertising messages and how this new context can be used to create new strategies in order to improve advertising effectiveness.

The aim of this IWT project is to gain profound insight in the challenges and opportunities of media multitasking behaviour in order to obtain expertise on how to integrate advertising more successfully in a media multitasking context. 

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