Humor in crisis communication

Researcher(s): Yi XIAO
Promotors: Verolien Cauberghe , Liselot Hudders , An-Sofie Claeys
Duration: from 01/10/2015 to 30/09/2019


The use of humor has become common practice in persuasion studies. The effectiveness of the persuasive nature of humor has been a heated topic among advertising scholars (Duncan, 1979; Spotts, Weinberger, & Parsons, 1997), research found a humorous message would easily attract audience’s attention, and a humorous context may increase liking for the source and tend to create positive moods. (Sternthal & Craig, 1973; Vilaythong, Arnau, Rosen, & Mascaro, 2003) However, research on the role of humor in crisis communication is seldom seen, although humor has been proved to be a positive factor in persuasion practice. 

However, this study is to find out the effectiveness of humour as crisis response strategy on social media and to reveal how humour works in crisis communication.

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