Using Games to Raise Awareness: How to Co-design Serious Mini-games?

Year of publication: 2017
Author(s): De Jans, S.; Van Geit, K.; Cauberghe, V.; Hudders, L. & De Veirman, M.
Appeared in: Computers & Education, vol.: 110, 77-87


Serious mini-games are promising tools to raise awareness. They motivate and enhance players’ interest in a particular topic, and only require a small time-investment. The games should focus on a single concept or learning goal and should be carefully designed. This study therefore explores the usefulness of informant design when developing such serious mini-games. Informant design is a framework that involves stakeholders at different stages of the design process depending on their expertise, which maximizes the value of their contributions. When developing awareness campaigns, various stakeholders, with different goals, need to be involved. Therefore, this paper suggests the use of informant design to increase the support of every stakeholder. The informant design framework provides an excellent design methodology for games as it is very flexible in time, place and number of participants in the co-design activities. The current study shows a case study indicating the usefulness of informant design when developing serious mini-games to increase advertising literacy among adolescents.

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