Children’s Responses to Internet Advertising: Are Native Advertisements More Persuasive Than Online Banners?

Year of publication: 2017
Author(s): De Jans, S.; Hudders, L. & Cauberghe, V.
Appeared in: Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap


Young children are nowadays heavily targeted with Internet advertising, however, research on its effectiveness is still in its infancy. This study examines children’s (7-12 years) understanding of advertising’s selling intent for online banners versus native advertisements and investigates if this advertising literacy further attenuates advertising effects, taking into account their skeptical attitude toward the advertising format. The results of an experimental study with 243 participants show that children had less understanding of advertising’s selling intent for a native ad compared to an online banner. This lower understanding of advertising’s selling intent resulted in a more positive brand attitude after exposure to a native ad (compared to an online banner), only for the children who were not skeptical towards the advertising format.

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