The Mitigating Role of Advertising Literacy for TV Commercials versus Advergames: The Impact of Advertising Literacy Training Session and Age on Children’s Advertising Vulnerability

Publication Date: Friday 1 January 2016
Author(s): Hudders, L.; Cauberghe, V. & Panic, K.
Appeared in: International Journal of Advertising, vol.:


This study examines whether advertising literacy (both cognitive and affective) mediates the impact of advergames versus television commercials on purchase request and how an advertising literacy training session moderates these effects. In addition, the study investigates the moderating role of age of children on the impact of an advertising literacy training session on advergame effectiveness. The results of two experiments show that advergames lead to a higher purchase request among children than television commercials. However, only affective and not cognitive advertising literacy mediates the effect of advertising format on purchase request. In addition, a training session accelerates children’s cognitive (but not their affective) advertising literacy for advergames, but not for television commercials. Finally, the results show that seven-year-old children are more vulnerable for advergame effects than nine-year-old children as playing an advergame leads to more purchase request for the former than for the latter. In addition, a training session has a direct negative impact on purchase request for nine-year-old children, while it indirectly affects purchase request for seven-year-old children through an increased affective advertising literacy.

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