Non-verbal crisis communication: how gender similarity with the spokesperson is influenced by SCCT guidelines during and in the aftermath of an organizational crisis

Publication Date: Wednesday 27 May 2015
Author(s): Crijns, H., Hudders, L., Cauberghe, V., & Claeys, A.-S.
Appeared in: Conference Proceedings of EMAC 2015


In two studies we explored how gender similarity as a non-verbal cue influences organizational reputation taking into account the guidelines of SCCT and the crisis stage in which the response is offered. The first study showed that gender similarity has a positive influence on organizational reputation through increased feelings of empathy towards the spokesperson. Furthermore, gender similarity only positively affects organizational reputation when the appropriate crisis response strategy according to SCCT is used. The second study demonstrated that the positive effect of gender similarity occurs in the aftermath of the crisis but not during the crisis, mediated through message credibility.

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