Children's advertising literacy in a new media environment : an introduction to the AdLit research project

Year of publication: 2015
Author(s): Hudders, L., Cauberghe, V., Panic, K., Adams, B., Daems, K. De Pauw, P., De Pelsmacker, P., Liesbeth Hellemans, Eva Lievens, Brahim Zarouali
Appeared in: Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap


The current paper presents the approach of the AdLit interdisciplinary research project (funded by the IWT) which investigates how children can be empowered for, and protected against, persuasion at an unconscious level (due to their lack of knowledge and critical attitude) by these new advertising practices. The combination of a strong demand driven approach relying on needs and insights of relevant stakeholders in the field (i.e., advertising industry, broadcasting channels, societal organizations, the educational field and policy makers) and the experience and knowledge of six research groups from different disciplines, paved the path to develop the current project.

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