Children’s Advertising Literacy for New Advertising Formats: The Mediating Impact of Advertising Literacy on the (Un)Intended Effects of Advergames and Advertising Funded Programs.

Publication Date: Thursday 31 December 2015
Author(s): Hudders, L.; Cauberghe, V.; Panic, K. & De Vos, W.
Appeared in: Advances in Advertising Research: The Digital, The Classic, The Subtle and The Alternative


In the current study, we will compare children’s advertising literacy level for an advergame versus an AFP. While both formats are characterized by the embedding of commercial content into media content, the AFP does not interactively engage the users with this content whereas an advergame does. In addition, we will investigate how these two formats affect children’s purchase requests for the brands endorsed in these formats (measured by their pester power, cf. the intended effect) and their materialism level (cf. the unintended effect). To conclude, this study will investigate how children’s advertising lite-racy level for these new formats can be improved by giving the children a traditional advertising literacy training session. Teaching children about advertising and the commercial purposes and techniques advertisers use, has shown to increase the level of advertising literacy. However, most of these studies are conducted in a traditional ad context. In the current study, we will investigate how a training session may increase children’s advertising literacy for these new advertising formats.

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