Materialism: The good, the bad and the ugly

Publication Date: Friday 31 October 2014
Author(s): Shrum, LJ; Lowrey, T.; Pandelaere, M.; Ruvio, A.; Gentina, E.; Furcheim, P.; Herbert, M.; Hudders, L.; Lens, I.; Mandel, N.; Nairn, A.; Samper, A.; Soscia, I. & Steinfield, L.
Appeared in: Journal of Marketing Management, vol.: 2014


Materialism has a generally held connotation that is associated with character deficiencies, self-centeredness, and unhappiness, and most extant research views materialism as having a negative influence on well-being. In this article, we review and synthesize research that supports both positive and negative outcomes of behaviors associated with materialism. We conceptualize materialism in terms of the motives underlying materialistic behavior, and situate our review and synthesis of materialism research within this context. In doing so, we document the utility of a motives-based view of materialism and propose research agendas that arise from this motives-based perspective.

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