Facebook as a corporate communication tool? A content analysis of the communication strategies of reputable Belgian companies on the social network site Facebook

Publication Date: Friday 27 June 2014
Author(s): Crijns, H., Hudders, L., Cauberghe, V., & Claeys, A.-S.
Appeared in: Conference proceedings of International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA) 2014


The current study investigates how companies use Facebook as a corporate communication and relationship management tool. A quantitative content analysis of the Facebook pages of 12 reputable Belgian companies was executed. This study shows that the companies use Facebook more often to communicate public relations related content than marketing related content. The relationship management potential was investigated based on the symmetry/excellence theory and the dialogic communication theory. The findings indicate this potential is not maximized. Even on Facebook, one-way communication dominates over two-way symmetrical communication and only two of the dialogic principles are fully incorporated in the communication.

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