Children's advertising literacy for new advertising formats : the mediating impact of advertising literacy on the (un)intended effects of advergames and advertising funded programs

Year of publication: 2014
Author(s): Liselot Hudders, Verolien Cauberghe, Katarina Panic, Wendy De Vos, Silvie Herrebaut
Appeared in: esearch in Advertising, 13th International Conference (ICORIA)


The current study investigates how advergames and Advertising Funded Programs (AFP) differentially affect children (7-to-9-years). Advergames interactively engage the viewer with the content, whereas an AFP does not, which may lead to lower levels of advertising literacy for advergames. A 2 (Format: AFP versus Advergame) by 2 (Training session: Yes versus No) between-subjects experimental study shows that children have a higher level of affective but not of cognitive advertising literacy for AFPs than for advergames, which leads to a lower impact on pester power and materialism. A training session improves children’s cognitive and affective advertising literacy for both formats.

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