Brand placement effectiveness. An experimental study on the direct evaluative conditioning effects.

Publication Date: Friday 27 June 2014
Author(s): D'Hooge, S.; Cauberghe, V. & Hudders, L.
Appeared in: International Conference on Research in Advertising


This paper investigates brand placement effectiveness and investigates under which condition brand prominence might not inducenegative brand attitudes by relying on direct evaluative conditioning theory (DEC). An experimental study with a 2 (Valence: negative versus positive context) by 3 (Placement prominence: subtle versus prominent versus very prominent) design shows that prominence moderates the effect of the context valence on brand attitude. In the positive context, brand prominence has no significant impact on brand attitude. In the negative context, very prominent brand placements lead to more negative brand attitudes. Repeatedly linking different contexts, as put forward by DEC, might explain these results.

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