The Inoculating effect of message sidedness on adolescents’ binge drinking intentions: The moderating role of issue involvement.

Year of publication: 2013
Author(s): Cornelis, E.; Cauberghe, V. & De Pelsmacker, P.
Appeared in: Journal of Drug Issues


In this study, we assess an alternative strategy for health interventions, namely two-sided messages. A 3 x 2 between-subjects factorial experimental design investigates the effect of three different anti binge drinking messages (i.e., one sided, two-sided non-refutational, and two-sided refutational) on strongly and weakly issue involved adolescents’ behavioral intentions to binge drink after exposure to peer pressure. A sample of 185 adolescents between the age of 15 and 19 participated in the experiment. The results show that when adolescents’ involvement with binge drinking is strong, a two-sided non-refutational as well as refutational message result in significantly lower binge drinking intentions than a one-sided message. When adolescents’ involvement with binge drinking is weak, binge drinking intentions are not influenced by message sidedness.

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