Comparing TV ads and advergames targeting children: the impact of persuasion knowledge on behavioral responses

Year of publication: 2013
Author(s): Panic, K.; Cauberghe, V. & De Pelsmacker, P.
Appeared in: Journal of Advertising, vol.: 42, issue: 2-3, 264-273


Although thousands of advergames are directed at children, little is known about how advergames affect children and whether this persuasive process differs from traditional advertising formats. Investigating the underlying persuasive mechanism, experiment 1 shows that for TV advertising, persuasion knowledge drive the persuasive effects while for advergames, persuasion is mainly driven by the attitude towards the game. Adding advertising cues to the advergame does not increase persuasion knowledge but does diminish the positive attitude toward the game effect, influencing behavior indirectly. Experiment 2 demonstrates that for an advergame, the persuasive mechanism does not differ between a commercial versus a social persuasive message.

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