Media Convergence and Media Multitasking

Publication Date: Saturday 1 June 2013
Author(s): Kazakova, S. & Cauberghe, V.
Appeared in: Media and Convergence Management, Springer., 177-188


The chapter focuses on media multitasking – a phenomenon that represents a current shift in media use behavior, following the recent trends towards technological and media convergence. In the first part we discuss the nature and scope of the phenomenon, reporting scientific findings on the prevalence and antecedents of media multitasking. In the second part we outline the implications of this shift in media use behavior for the cognitive processing of media content, relying on theoretical insights from cognitive psychology as well as existing experimental research within the field of media multitasking. Lastly, we identify potential threats and opportunities for media planning and marketing communication in view of the limited experimental data available.

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