On the effectiveness of ego- and other-focused ad-evoked emotions: the moderating impact of product type and personality

Publication Date: Friday 1 June 2012
Author(s): Faseur, T. & Geuens, M.
Appeared in: International Journal of Advertising, vol.: 31, issue: 3, 529-546


Emotional advertising is generally believed to be persuasive. However, not all emotional advertising is equally effective. Previous research has illustrated the importance of the pleasure dimension of emotions in the sense that positive emotions usually induce more positive attitudes than negative emotions. This paper deals with another dimension of emotions the ego-other-focus dimension of emotions referring to the degree to which these emotions make people see themselves as independent from or interdependent with others in a specific situation. Our findings indicate that, for a privately consumed product, ads evoking an ego-focused emotion score better than ads evoking an other-focused emotion, whereas the reverse is true for a publicly consumed product. This match between product and emotion does not matter for introverts, but is important for extravert people. As such, we show that not only the pleasure dimension, but also the ego-other-focus dimension of emotions determines the effectiveness of emotional advertising.

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