Emotional message framing in crisis communication: The moderating impact of crisis timing strategies

Year of publication: 2012
Author(s): Claeys, A.S., ; Cauberghe, V., & Leysen, J.
Appeared in: Proceedings of the 41th EMAC conference, Lisbon, Portugal, May, 2012.


The impact of message framing in crisis communication is studied by means of a 2 (message framing: emotional vs. rational) x 2 (crisis timing strategy: ex-ante crisis timing strategy vs. ex-post crisis timing strategy) between-subjects factorial experimental design with 168 respondents. The results show that emotional framing can restore organizational reputations compared to rational framing. This effect is mediated by the perceived organizational sincerity. In addition, the efficacy of message framing is moderated by crisis timing. In an ex-ante crisis timing condition emotional framing is beneficial, whereas in an ex-post crisis timing condition framing has no additional impact.

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