Brand placement in music videos: the effect of brand prominence and artist connectedness on brand recall and brand attitude

Year of publication: 2012
Author(s): Hudders L.; Cauberghe V.; Panic K.; Faseur T. & Zimmerman E.
Appeared in: 11th International conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA 2012) : The changnig rolse of avderitsing


This study uses a 2 by 2 between subjects factorial design to investigate the impact of brand prominence and artist connectedness on brand placement effectiveness in music videos. The results show that brand prominence has a positive effect on brand recall, regardless of the respondents’ connectedness to the artist. Furthermore, when respondents do not identify themselves with the artist, brand prominence does not influence brand attitude, but when respondents identify themselves with the artist in the music video, the attitude toward the music video is higher for prominent than for subtle brands.

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