Determinants of the impact of crises on organizational reputation: An experimental test of crisis communication strategies and the moderating impact of locus of control.

Year of publication: 2011
Author(s): Claeys, A.S., ; Cauberghe, V., & Vyncke, P.
Appeared in: In S. Okazaki (Ed.), Advances in Advertising Research Vol. II., 247-260


Academic interest in the field of crisis communication has significantly in-creased over the years (Ulmer et al., 2007). Corporations are becoming more and more aware that crises can and will happen to organizations just like them-selves (Benson, 1988). No company can escape all crises during its life cycle, and it is during these crisis situations that the battle to protect credibility in the eyes of stakeholders is most fierce (Hobbs, 1995). It takes many years to build a favorable organisational reputation but only one single crisis to ruin it (Dean, 2004). Since a good reputation is a central goal of every organization, there is a need to study the use of crisis response communication strategies in order to defend reputations during crises (Benoit, 1995; Coombs & Holladay, 2002).

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