Proposed framework for evaluating quality of experience in a mobile, testbed-oriented living lab setting

Year of publication: 2010
Author(s): De Moor K.; Ketyko I.; Joseph W.; Deryckere T.; De Marez L.; Martens L. & Verleye G.
Appeared in: Mobile Networks & Applications, vol.: 15, issue: 3, 378-391


The framework presented in this paper enables the evaluation of Quality of Experience (QoE) in a mobile, testbed-oriented Living Lab setting. As a result, it fits within the shift towards more user-centric approaches in innovation research and aims to bridge the gap between technical parameters and human experience factors. In view of this, Quality of Experience is seen as a multi-dimensional concept, which should be considered from an interdisciplinary perspective. Although several approaches for evaluating perceived QoE have been proposed in the past, they tend to focus on a limited number of objective dimensions and fail to grasp the subjective counterparts of users' experiences. We therefore propose a distributed architecture for monitoring network Quality of Service (QoS), context information and subjective user experience based on the functional requirements related to real-time experience measurements in real-life settings. This approach allows us to evaluate all relevant QoE-dimensions in a mobile context.

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