How is e-government progressing? A data driven approach to e-government monitoring

Year of publication: 2010
Author(s): Stragier J.; Verdegem P. & Verleye G.
Appeared in: Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol.: 16, issue: 8, 1075-1088


As ICT provide a lot of possibilities, high expectancies exist towards the electronic public service provision. All governments are increasingly establishing their e-strategies. Nevertheless, both in research as among practitioners, some questions are formulated towards the current approaches. E-government policy has to deal with two main challenges: how to offer new and better services for the same (or lower) budget and how to increase user uptake? The challenges relate to both the efficiency of e-government, as its effectiveness. In order to further develop e-government strategies, governments need a thorough knowledge base to (a) to evaluate their current ways of working and (b) to found their activities of the future. In this paper we consider trends in e-government measurement and we discuss ongoing research towards the development of an e-government monitor for the Belgian government. This monitor will consist of different types of information from various sources, providing the necessary knowledge for all stakeholders involved to underpin their current and future e-strategies.

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