The impact of banners on digital television: the role of program interactivity and product involvement

Year of publication: 2008
Author(s): Cauberghe V. & De Pelsmacker P.
Appeared in: Cyberpsychology & Behavior, vol.: 11, issue: 1, 91-94


In a sample of 281 respondents, the effect of a noninteractive and a medium-interactive television program on recall and brand attitudes for low- and high-involvement products advertised in banners during these programs was investigated. Medium-interactive programs resulted in less product and brand recall and recognition of brands in embedded banner advertisements, but generated more positive brand attitudes than noninteractive programs. These effects were more outspoken for a high-involvement product than for a low-involvement product. The impact of perceived program interactivity on brand attitude is fully mediated program valence and involvement for low-involvement products, but not for high-involvement products, for which perceived program interactivity had a direct impact on brand attitude.

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