The advertising impact of an interactive TV program on the recall of an embedded commercial

Year of publication: 2008
Author(s): Cauberghe V. & De Pelsmacker P.
Appeared in: Journal of Advertising Research, vol.: 48, issue: 3, 352-362


The impact of two dimensions of television program induced interactivity on advertisement and brand recall of an embedded commercial was examined with 246 respondents. Program-induced two-way communication (playing along with a quiz) had a strong negative impact on advertisement and brand recall. The negative effect of user control (amount of available clicks in the program) was also noticeable, but less prominent. There also appeared to be an interaction effect of two-way communication and user control on advertisement and brand recall. A moderate level of user control results in better recall when the respondent had no play along possibilities, but leads to less recall when he/she could play along with the quiz. Managerial implications and future research options are suggested.

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