Shubin Yu


Email: Shubin Yu


Korte Meer 9
9000 Ghent


Shubin Yu is a PhD student at the Communication Department of Ghent University, Belgium. He graduated from the University of Leuven and obtained his master degree in Cultural Studies in 2014. His studies focus on the luxury consumption and advertising, especially for the cross-cultural communication strategies of luxury advertisers like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior, etc.

Recent Publications

- Targeting the luxury consumer: A vice or virtue? A cross-cultural comparison of the effectiveness of behaviorally targeted ads

- Luxury Brands in the Digital Era: A Cross- Cultural Comparison of the Effectiveness and Underlying Mechanisms of Personalized Advertising

- Tracking the luxury consumer online: an experimental study on the effectiveness of site and search retargeting for luxury brands in China and the Netherlands

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