Serena D'Hooge


Email: Serena D'Hooge
Phone:+32 9 264 68 76
Fax:+32 9 264 69 92


Korte Meer 11
9000 Ghent

Visiting Hours

After appointment by email


Serena D’Hooge graduated in 2013 with a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences at Ghent University. From March 2014 she became a research and teaching assistant at the Department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University. She assists the courses of scientific communication research I en II.  Her PhD project is about evaluative conditioning in marketing communication to get an insight into the (un)controllable impact of affective stimuli in advertising on implicit and explicit brand attitude

Recent Publications

- Direct evaluative conditioning in brand placement : the impact of scene valence and prominence on brand placement repetition effects

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