Patrick Vyncke


Email: Patrick Vyncke
Phone:+32 9 264 68 91
Fax:+32 9 264 69 92


Ghent University, Department of Communication Sciences
Korte Meer 7-9-11, 9000 Gent, Belgium


Patrick Vyncke (Ph.D. Communication Science) is senior lecturer of Communication Management at Ghent University. He teaches courses on advertising processing, consumer behavior, and semiotics. His main research interest is in applying evolutionary psychology, especially signaling theory, to the study of both advertising processing and consumer behavior, leading him to research topics such as the role of costly signaling and supernormal stimuli in understanding contemporary consumer behavior, or the reactions of consumers to fitness cues in all forms of marketing communications.

Academic Bibliography

Recent Publications

- Consumer Meaning Making: The Meaning of Luxury Brands in a Democratized Luxury World

- Cue management: using fitness cues to enhance advertising effectiveness

- The heart and the mind: on advertising and consumption

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