Ini Vanwesenbeeck


Email: Ini Vanwesenbeeck
Phone:0032 9 264 68 90


Korte Meer 9
9000 Ghent

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In 2010, Ini Vanwesenbeeck graduated as a Master in Communication Sciences at the University of Antwerp. After graduation, Ini participated  in several short projects on eSafety and cyberbullying at the University of Antwerp. In October  2011,  Ini obtained a PhD Fellowship from the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO). Her doctoral thesis, supervised by Prof. Dr. Michel Walrave and Prof. Dr. Koen Ponnet, focussed on embedded online advertising targeted at children. Ini will defend this thesis by the end of September 2016. Currently, Ini works at Ghent University as project coordinator for AdLit, a research project funded by IWT (Belgian agency for innovation by science and technology). AdLit focusses on minor’s advertising literacy and aims at empowering children and youth to cope with advertising. More information on this project can be found on the Adlit website:    


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