Dominiek Saelens


Email: Dominiek Saelens
Phone:09 264 68 86
Fax:09 264 69 92


Ghent University, Department of Communication Sciences
Korte Meer 7-9-11, 9000 Gent, Belgium


Dominiek is since 2010 lecturer in communication and leadership at the Royal Military Academy and the Royal Defence College in Brussels. Before, he was Manager Customer Relations and Events at the Defence Staff. In the nineties, he was responsible for the external and media relations of the Belgian Air Force. Afterwards, he became the general manager of 11 information centers, located at the most important cities of Belgium. Since 2001, he takes also charge of a series of lectures at the University of Ghent about the practice of communication management in a large organization. He has a master in communication sciences and a master in political and military sciences. His specialty is creating visibility through several media and on different ways, starting up communication lines with stakeholders and elaborate long term relationships.

Recent Publications

- Het personeelsblad "beschreven": een analyse van het personeelsblad als cultuurproduct van een organisatie.

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