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Korte Meer 11
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Dieneke Van de Sompel is a visiting professor at the Department of Communication Sciences at Gent University. She obtained a Phd in Applied Economic Sciences (“Insights in children's consumer related activities and reactions to advertising”) in 2016 at the department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University. The dissertation explored two touchpoints children have with consuming, namely play activities and advertising exposure. She has worked as a research and teaching assistant at the marketing department of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University and the department of Business Administration and Public Administration of University College Ghent, where she has given courses such as Marketing planning, Marketing Strategy, Sales management etc.

Dieneke is interested in research combining the domains of communication sciences, psychology and marketing and specifically centers her research on children’s consumer behavior and the effects of advertising on children. Research of her looks for example into how consumerism has an effect on children (for example on the development of materialistic goals, purchase intentions, ad preferences). She also works on projects that examine the effects of advertising cues (such as exposure to attractive models) on children’s self-esteem and well-being.

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