Charlotte De Backer


Email: Charlotte De Backer
Phone:00 32 (0)3 265 56 80
Fax:00 32 (0)3 265 57 98


Dept. Communication Studies
Antwerp University
De Meerminne, M.186
Sint-Jacobstraat 2
2000 Antwerpen


Dr. Charlotte De Backer is Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Studies of the University of Antwerp, where she carries out teaching and research in the field of interpersonal communication, with a special interest in prosocial behavior and social bonding. She obtained her Ph.D. at Ghent University in 2005, and has since worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California Santa Barbara (US), and as a lecturer at the University of Leicester (UK).

Academic Bibliography

Recent Publications

- Family meal traditions. Comparing reported childhood food habits to current food habits among university students

- Celebrities, from teachers to friends: a test of two hypotheses on the adaptiveness of celebrity gossip.

- Whispering Down the Lane: The Economics of Vicarious Information Transfer

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