An-Sofie Claeys


Email: An-Sofie Claeys
Phone:+32 9 264 67 13
Fax:+32 9 264 69 92


Ghent University, Department of Communication Sciences
Korte Meer 7-9-11, 9000 Gent, Belgium


An-Sofie Claeys is a post-doctoral researcher at the department of applied language studies at the University College Ghent. In 2012, she received a joint-PhD from the department of communication sciences at Ghent University and the department of economy, management and leadership at the Royal Military Academy. Her research is focused on the impact of crisis communication strategies on organizational reputation restoration. In particular, she studies the impact of the content and timing of crisis communication, organizational message framing, nonverbal communication of spokespersons and intercultural crisis communication.

Academic Bibliography

Recent Publications

- Crisis response and crisis timing strategies, two sides of the same coin

- Restoring reputations in times of crisis: An experimental study of the Situational Crisis Communication Theory and the moderating effects of locus of control

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