Visiting researcher - Universidad de Cadiz

Date: from Monday 23 September 2013 to Friday 20 December 2013


The small and medium businesses are the main types of companies in the global economy. In Spain, for example, 98% of businesses are SME´s. Therefore, the importance of this kind of companies is a fact. Moreover, the corporate communication is essential for companies to achieve their objectives. This assertion which could be obvious in the case of the large companies is not so clear in the case of SME´s. Research are needed to analyze the communication in these businesses (SME´s).

So, the main purpose of this research is the diagnosis of the degree of development in Communication level of SMe´s. This research has as main objective the comprehensive analysis of perception and management of Communication in SME´s. Specifically, in the SME´s located in the province of Cádiz, Spain. Related with the main objective, other objectives of this research are understand how do SME´s manage their Communication, analyze the resources devoted to communication and determine which tolos are used by SME´s in their Communications.

In conclusión, this research is an opportunity to determine what is the importance and relevance of Communication for SME´s.

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