TCR 2013

Date: from Friday 24 May 2013 to Saturday 25 May 2013
Skema Business School, Lille (France)


Attending Members


The 2013 Transformative Consumer Research Conference is crossing the Atlantic, bringing together consumer researchers in the heart of Europe!

Lille was chosen to broaden participation in the conference and grow enthusiasm for the TCR movement. Colleagues from across Europe, America, and other parts of the world who have a strong interest in the social issues addressed by the conference are invited to submit their research ideas and work.

The tracks are structured around pressing social and economic problems.
Transformative Consumer Research is research that focuses on significant social problems and challenges created by the modern marketplace. It includes research on materialism, poverty and subsistence markets, sustainability, at-risk consumers, health and nutrition, addiction, and social justice, among others. Transformative consumer researchers are united in their understanding that, for all the benefits and freedoms the modern market provides, it also produces externalities that have historically been downplayed. Transformative consumer researchers are dedicated to using research to enhance consumer welfare and bring about positive social change. Our unifying lens is the consumer, who forms the center-point of our understanding.


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