Monaco Symposium on Luxury

Date: from Thursday 10 April 2014 to Friday 11 April 2014
University of Monaco

Link: Monaco Symposium on Luxury

Attending Members


The objective of the congress is to bring together international scholars and practitioners from different disciplines and different countries working to advance knowledge on luxury marketing. We invite papers from academics of all disciplines and from practitioners with experience and points of view on luxury. Papers may be based on, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Luxury brand management (brand equity, brand personality, brand extensions, etc.).
  • The effects of celebrity endorsement of luxury brands.
  • The role of sponsorship in luxury marketing strategies.
  • New online forms of communication in the luxury industry.
  • Mastige and extensions of luxury brands.
  • Social responsibility in the luxury industry.
  • Incorporation of technology into the luxury industry.
  • Development of scales related to luxury branding
  • Product design and innovation management in the luxury business
  • Customization and digital processing of luxury brands
  • Customer relationship management in luxury brand industries
  • Marketing communications in the luxury industry
  • Measuring dimensions of consumer value perception of luxury brands
  • Using brand personality and media personality to promote luxury products and brands.
  • Culture and international market segmentation for marketing luxury brands and products
  • Luxury products and aging.
  • Interpersonal influences and purchase intention of luxury products
  • Genuine and counterfeit luxury goods in the age of internet
  • Marketing luxury products through social media
  • Consumer centered and experiential view of luxury products
  • Pricing luxury goods and services
  • Luxury retailing
  • Using internet to promote luxury products
  • Advertising and luxury product and services
  • Sustainable Luxury
  • Luxury and counterfeiting strategies in luxury brand management.
  • Characteristics of luxury consumers.
  • Profiles and motivations of counterfeit goods consumers.
  • Luxury fashion marketing
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