EACR 2013

Date: from Thursday 4 July 2013 to Saturday 6 July 2013
IESE Campus in Barcelona (Spain)

Link: http://www.iese.edu/en/events/OtrosEventos/EACR2013/Home/Home.asp

Attending Members


The theme of EACR 2013 is: "Consumer Research in turbulent times: Managing a balancing act". For four years now, messages on how our economic and financial systems going through turbulent times have dominated news reports. Numbers rolling by on ticker tapes might not mean much to most people, but we are assured one thing: things are bad, and we better prepare for tough times. At the same time, consumers have been declared to be the engine of the economy, and they are called upon to restore prosperity through generous spending. Such contradictory demands leave consumers confused.

As consumer researchers we may go through a similar experience. Whose interests are we supposed to defend, the industry's, consumers' (as in transformative consumer research), our own? What are we supposed to emphasize, relevance or theoretical rigor?

The debate needs to be opened as how to balance these multiple roles when negotiating the identity of our field, and as an area of consumer research.

The conference is organized by IESE Business School and the Barcelona School of Management of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and will be held at IESE Campus in Barcelona from Thursday 4th July through to Saturday 6th July, 2013.  


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