Presentation at DiGRA Flanders, May 21, 2015

Date: from Thursday 21 May 2015 to Thursday 21 May 2015
STAM, Ghent City Museum

Attending Members


On Thursday May 21, Klara Van Geit presented her paper ‘Using games to raise awareness: How to co-design serious mini-games?’ on the DiGRA Flanders meeting in the Ghent City Museum (STAM). 
DiGRA is the association for academics (and professionals) who research digital games and associated phenomena. It encourages high-quality research on games, and promotes collaboration and dissemination of work by its members. 
The presentation of Klara focused on the promise of serious mini-games as social awareness-raising tools and the importance of the involvement of stakeholders (such as the target audience) in the game design process. In this paper the framework of informant game design was developed to ensure the involvement of every stakeholder. The usability of this framework was illustrated by a case study, namely the design of four serious mini-games to raise awareness among youngsters on advertising literacy. 

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