2015 Global Fashion Management Conference (GFMC)

Date: from Thursday 25 June 2015 to Sunday 28 June 2015
University of Florence

Link: http://www.gammaconference.org/

Attending Members


The Global Fashion Management Conference 2015 focuses on ‘Renaissance of Marketing and Management in Fashion’ and provides strong contents covering marketing and management in luxury and fashion related subjects. World-renowned scholars like Shintaro Okazaki and business practitioners in fashion and management will present their recent studies. This conference includes the following topics:

  • Luxury Brand Consumption and Culture
  • Innovations in Global Fashion Marketing
  • Using Visual Methods and Film Making for Research on Fashion Marketing
  • Strategies for Independent Fashion and Luxury Companies
  • Corporate Identity & Corporate Reputation - Prerequisites for Corporate Success in the Fashion Industry
  • Customer Experience and Brand Relationship in Luxury
  • Consumer Behavior and Fashion Management
  • Fashion, Design, Innovation and Wine Marketing
  • Wellness Business
  • Sustainable Fashion Marketing in Asia and the World
  • Role of Social Media in Fashion Industry
  • Global and Cross-Cultural Fashion Marketing
  • Bridging the Cultural Divide through Digital Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the Fashion Industry
  • Business to Business in Fashion
  • New Luxury vs. Old Luxury: Luxury Trends and Strategies
  • Art, Design and Marketing Management



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